What We Do for French Companies

# We provide operational services to start-ups and SMEs to make their business grow

# We take the time to understand their business issues to ensure their expectations

# We deliver real support based on pragmatic solutions and close relationship to reach their goals


-----------------------------------------------Knowing each other is the first step of a collaboration. At the very beginning, we need to know what make sense to you and what are your goals. A wide range of support is possible and will be propose depending of this first step : business plan, marketing mix, road map, process review ... According to your culture, budget and planning


-----------------------------------------------Call for tenders, sales management (pipeline and forecast), analytics and reporting, phoning, sales meeting ... whatever your need, we'll do our best to match your expectations in a cost-effectiv way and results oriented.


-----------------------------------------------Business management requires adaptabilty, agility and reactivity. However, you can't respond to every challenge at the same time and have to make choices. We may help you to find the solution and make it real !

Interim management, sales / procurement negotiation, business inteligence, trade show management ... Please, ask us !

What We Do for Foreign Companies

Welcome in France ! France is your promise land but you don't feel enough secure to skip the frontier ?                                       We have the network and perfectly knows business facts and figures, rules and culturee.


-------------------------------------------- No matter you don't have business location in France, we may act as your french representative to manage your operations on a cost effective basis, especially for sourcing & assessment, project management ...


-----------------------------------------------We find the right business partner : Mitigate the risks and don't waste time and money by trusting the mission to an experienced local representative.


-----------------------------------------------Thanks to our experts, we look for financing and secure your road map all along the entire life of your project.

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